School Mission and Vision


It is our vision to maintain an effective and nurturing environment where the highest levels of intellectual, physical, social and emotional development will be enusred for all students. Our applied learning approach focuses on motivating and challenging students to connect what they learn with the world and careers. Our rigorous curriculum, nurturing school climate and learneres where students will receive the highest standards in all academic areas and positive social-civic growth.


It is our mission to ensure that all PS 46 students receive a quality, well rounded education that will provide them with academic, creative and technological skills needed to succeed in college and beyond. With our interdisciplinary, standards-based curriculum in the forefront, we will provide resources and enrichment opportunities that will enable our students to collaborate with others as they explore real-world questions and develop solutions to the challenges they discover. We will ensure that all of our students meet high standards, think creatively, and can express themselves through spoken, written, and digital communication, as well as the arts. This enourmous task will be accomplished with a team which includes all parents, staff, student and community stakeholders. Together, we will create a climate of excellence in which everyone gains confidence and performs at their personal best.