Information About Dual Language

About the Dual Language Program

We are very pleased that we provide a Dual Language Program in our school. Dual Language programs put native speaking English speakers and speakers of another language in the same classroom with the goal that all students will develop proficiency in both languages. In these programs, the time and resources of the class are balanced so that both languages are developed equally.

The Dual Language program at PS 46 offers Spanish and English instruction. Our program was implemented in September, 2009, building on the Bilingual Spanish program that we maintained in the school for nearly 30 years. We began with Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes, and have added additional grades each year until we now have a program that extends from Pre-K to Fifth Grade. Our first Dual Language Fifth Grade class graduated June 2016.

How to apply…

In our program, half of the instructional time is allocated to each language. The same teacher presents instruction in both languages. Books and materials are available in both languages for all subjects. Children are taught reading and writing in both languages.

All children can enter the program in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade One. Spanish-speaking children can enter at any grade level. You can obtain a brochure and application from Ms. Lopez, the Parent Coordinator.

For more information about the Dual Language Program contact Mr. Johnson, the Dual Language Coordinator. You can reach him by calling our school at 718-834-7694, or emailing him at