Our school celebrated Women’s History Month today in style! We began our morning with an assembly that was run by our very talented MC, Mr. Green. The assembly featured songs, dances, and video presentations by students. Every class worked extremely hard along with our music teacher, Ms. LaBerge, to help create wonderful presentations. At the end of the show, Ms. Outlaw worked with some Pre-K students to put on a fashion show. Our extremely talented art teacher, Ms. Conard, had students create portraits of women that they had learned about.

Later in the afternoon, students were invited to a hip-hop dance contest. Afterwards, Ms. Rolling hosted a food tasting in the library. Students in each class were invited to have some delicious food that was provided thanks to donations from the staff and parents of our school.  Mr. Johnson, our Dual Language Coordinator, and Mr. Americanos, our gym teacher, could be seen helping every student get their yummy food and helped students make sure to encourage students to try new foods that they may not have tasted before.

Our students had a truly wonderful day celebrating the many contributions of women.  Click here to see the 4th Grade music video!



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